• Reddit’s Collectible Avatars on the 0xPolygon platform has surpassed 20 million since its launch in 2022.
• 16.1 million unique wallets hold the NFTs, with over 2.2 million having multiple avatars.
• Polygon-based NFT marketplaces experienced nearly 6,000 daily active users over the last 30 days.

Reddit Collectible Avatars reach 20m milestone

The total number of minted Reddit Collectible Avatars on the 0xPolygon platform has passed 20 million since its launch in 2022. Data from Dune Analytics shows that there are now 16.1 million unique wallets holding these NFTs, with 2.2 million of those having multiple avatars.

Gen 4 Collection boosts numbers

The release of Reddit’s Gen 4 collection titled “Retro Reimagined” saw a surge in demand for avatars, resulting in cumulative transaction volumes exceeding $40 million and helping prop up the Polygon ecosystem following Y00ts’ departure to Ethereum. The collection is priced between $4.99 and $199.99 each and has resulted in more than 6 million new NFTs being minted within two months alongside a similar number of unique wallets added to the community.

Data from Dune Analytics

According to data from Dune Analytics, the Polygon NFT marketplace recorded transactions worth more than $13.2 million in the last 30 days alone with Aug 9 registering the highest single-day volume at over $830,000 – 53% occurring on OpenSea, 29% on Dew, 6% on Rarible and 5% on MagicEden respectively. Additionally, there were nearly 6,000 daily active users during this time period with July 23 marking their single busiest day at 21,600 users recorded online simultaneously .

Trump reveals crypto and NFT holdings

President Trump recently revealed his cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) holdings which further boosted interest in these digital assets as many investors saw it as an endorsement of their potential value and growth opportunities within them .


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