• Elon Musk has recently replaced Twitter’s blue bird logo with the Dogecoin logo, causing a 35% surge in DOGE’s value.
• Musk is currently facing a $258 billion lawsuit for intentionally manipulating the crypto’s price.
• His eccentric behavior and tweets have earned him the nickname “Dogefather” and captivated the masses.

The Musk-DOGE Saga

Twitter users were left stunned when their platform’s blue bird logo was replaced by that of Dogecoin on April 3rd, 2021. The decision to do so was made by none other than Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who is currently battling a massive $258 billion lawsuit for allegedly manipulating Dogecoin’s price. As a result of this move, the meme-based cryptocurrency saw its value skyrocket by 35%, hitting an all-time high of $0.1026 on April 3rd.

Musk & Dogecoin

As one of cryptocurrency’s most beloved figures, Elon Musk has been affectionately nicknamed “Dogefather” due to his enthusiasm for Dogecoin and its meme-infused culture. His wacky tweets often cause extreme reactions in the markets – as seen during his Saturday Night Live cameo where he dubbed Dogecoin “a hustle,” causing prices to drop significantly afterwards. He also shared an image of the ‘Doge’ mascot claiming it as Twitter’s new CEO and praising its ‘amazing’ qualities – further cementing his relationship with DOGE.

The Legal Scuffle

Investors have filed a lawsuit against Musk for deliberately inflating DOGE’s value by 36,000% within two years through his tweets about the digital currency – including phrases such as “no highs, no lows, only Doge.” However, Musk has denied these claims with his legal representatives deeming them “fanciful fiction” due to their lack of evidence or merit in regards to fraud allegations.


The replacement of Twitter’s blue bird logo with that of Dogecoin caused quite an uproar amongst users and investors alike who are eager to know what exactly is going through Elon Musk’s mind regarding this matter – considering there is still no indication as to why he chose this particular course of action or what he hopes to gain from it in the end..


Despite being embroiled in controversy over accusations surrounding his influence on DOGE prices, Elon Musk continues to be one of crypto’s most loved figures thanks to his quirkiness and passion for cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin – making him an even more enigmatic figure than ever before!

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