It is the time of the DeFi in the crypto world, and this seems to be understood by the main analysts of the market. Although it is not yet clear what the result of this fever for decentralized finance will be. The truth is that, so far, they have managed to convince thousands of people to invest their money in this new method of financing. For this reason, analyst Scott Melker comments in the Tweet of the Day, that the DeFi return to users capacities stolen by traditional banking.

Are Crypto whales betting on DeFi?

The DeFi versus traditional banking
For a long time, finance organized around traditional banking has been the engine for economic growth around the world. Allowing capital to finance commercial, industrial and agricultural projects. This opened the door to the greatest period of prosperity known in the history of mankind.

However, this model has its limits. For, although it allowed the participation of the general Bitcoin Billionaire population in the economy. It also led to the financial exclusion of billions of unbanked people. And therefore, without the possibility of obtaining financing of any kind for their productive projects. A great limitation that the DeFi have left uncovered.

Unlike traditional banking, the DeFi allows massive participation of users around the world, without the need to have a bank account. What, for analysts like Scott Melker, is allowing productive forces hidden until now to be unleashed for the financial system. In the form of billions of dollars placed in major decentralized finance projects around the world:

“If going deeper and deeper into DeFi has taught me anything, it’s that traditional banking is an epic scam and they are stealing all the potential performance from their clients.

In this way, Scott Melker points directly to the weaknesses of banking. Showing his confidence that the DeFi will allow to release benefits that until now are trapped in the financial system, to put them directly in the hands of the users.

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