• InQubeta is a crypto crowdfunding platform that seeks to bridge the gap between investors and AI startups.
• The platform utilizes NFTs and QUBE tokens to facilitate investments in AI projects.
• Some experts believe InQubeta could outperform Chainlink and Monero due to its ambition to redefine the AI and crypto investment landscape.

InQubeta: Bridging AI and Crypto Investments

InQubeta is a crypto crowdfunding platform that seeks to transform the artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency investment sectors. The platform’s strategy involves fractional investment in AI startups using its QUBE token to facilitate connections between investors and emerging projects. It also employs non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and uses a deflationary token model. Some experts speculate that InQubeta could outperform Chainlink and Monero due to its ambition to redefine the AI and crypto investment landscape, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Using NFTs & QUBE Tokens

Through the NFT marketplace, AI startups can raise funds and offer reward and equity-based NFTs, while QUBE token holders can invest in the projects of their choice. This relationship can create a beneficial ecosystem for investors and startups. QUBE is a deflationary token that can also post gains in the future, with 2% tax on all transactions going into a burning wallet, as well as 5% sell tax contributing into a dedicated reward pool for staking rewards for investors.

Chainlink: Powering Decentralized Oracle Networks

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that provides real-world data to on-chain dapps; acting as intermediaries between smart contracts and external data sources by supplying accurate information which smart contracts can trust. The decentralized oracle network ensures data inputs come from multiple sources, thus providing better security than single source systems like API integrations do. This allows dapps on Ethereum blockchain access off-chain resources securely while still ensuring no single point of failure exists on the network itself.

Why Invest In Artificial Intelligence?

AI technology is dynamic and rapidly evolving, driving breakthroughs in machine learning, robotics, autonomous vehicles, medical diagnostics tools, natural language processing (NLP), image recognition software etc., making it an attractive area for investors looking for long term gains or diversification of their portfolios across different asset classes such as cryptocurrencies or stocks & bonds etc.. With InQubeta’s platform bridging this gap between investors & startups makes it even more accessible for everyone looking forward investing in this space without any restrictions related with capital availability or geographical location etc..


    InQubeta leverages blockchain technology & smart contracts along with deflationary measures & staking rewards which makes it an attractive tool for both beginners & experienced players when investing into this innovative field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It not only offers great potential returns but also provides access to latest technologies without any geographical restriction or capital requirement barriers etc..

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